My 2019 wrapped.

It’s that time of the year again: everyone is sharing their Spotify Wrapped in their Instastories and on their Facebook to show how cool their music taste is. Time for me to write about ALL the musical experiences I had this year.

The year 2019 started with seeing Snow Patrol live in the Ziggo Dome. As I have written here, the band disappointed me. They have good music, so I was happy to finally see a concert of them. At this time I also specialized in cognitive and computational musicology at the University of Amsterdam. During the winter of 2019, ‘ Love It If We Made It’ was my most listened song, according to Spotify Wrapped.

In the spring of 2019, I saw The Maine again after 1,5 years. As you can read here, this was the best concert I had this year! In April I had a trip to Barcelona with my Musicology friends, where I discovered that this city has a lot of street musicians. In this period, I still listened mostly to ‘ Love It If We Made It’ by The 1975.

The summer started with finishing my second year of Musicology at the University of Amsterdam, so it was time for my well-deserved summer break! During the summer I went to Palm Park Breda to discover new music every Tuesday evening. In August I finally went to Dublin after years of planning. Dublin is special for me because many favorite musicians are born and raised here, like The Script, Kodaline, and Hozier. In the city, I have learned more about how Irish people are musically educated with ‘ busking on the street’. It was a very informative trip for me. In September, it was time for Breda Barst. This is one of my favorite festivals for discovering music. This year I started writing reviews at 3voor12/Breda. You can read my work (in Dutch) at My most listened song of the summer is ‘XO’ by Beyoncé.

In the fall of 2019, I saw the dutch band Krezip on their comeback tour in The Ziggo Dome. You can read here that it was special but also a bit uncomfortable. In November I saw another Dutch band, De Staat, which was thereby special to experience, as you can read here. It is December, which means that this website has turned 3 years! During the fall I have most listened to ‘Clementine’ by Halsey.

Talking about Spotify Wrapped, let’s take a look at my year overview. As you probably already guessed, ‘I Love It If We Made’ by The 1975. Since the release of ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ album in November 2018, I have been listening a lot to the band. This is clear in my top 100; the first songs are all by the 1975! My other favourite bands of this year are The Maine, The Script and Twenty One Pilots. Sou you an say that softrock music with an alternative taste are my thing.

Talking about genre, Spotify tells me that I am genre fluid. Over the years, my taste has change a little. By growing up, I developed a more concrete musical taste further away from pop.

Special to this years Wrapped is that it has an overview of the decade! I have Spotify since 2013. Which shows the next development in genre and minutes listened. I find it interesting to see how my favorite bands where somewhere the most listened to over the years.

It will not suprise you: my artist of the decade is The 1975. This band is what I will leave in the ’10. I love their music with all of my heart, but their political view is too strong for me at the moment to still have respect for them as human beings. I am curious what the next decade holds for me, but for now:

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