Let’s talk about The Maine

In ‘Let’s talk about’ I give my own experience and opinion about a certain musician or band; today is about The Maine.

One of my main favourite bands is The Maine. With their unique mix of punk, rock and producing techniques they have a special place in my heart. How did they develop this sound?

The first time I heard a song by this American band, was by listening to an album of ‘Punk goes Pop’. On this 5th volume there is the cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’; done by The Maine. I immediately fell in love with the style of the band.

The Maine started of as a stereotype pop punk band; young boys who are going wild on guitars, complaining about how bad there lives are because that one girl does not love the lead singer back. That is exactly what their first album ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ (2008) is like.

This vibe moved further in the album that followed; ‘Black & White’ (2011). I do not really listen to these albums, because I feel to old to listen to this kind of music. Where I do listen to with loads of pleasure is what followed; Pioneer (2010). This album has longer songs that have a good build ups to climaxes and are more about deeper issues than a broken heart. This album is more rock and gives thereby a more grown up feeling in the instrumentals.

Being productive in bringing out music is something that is typical The Maine. Almost every year there is a new album; and so followed ‘Pioneer & The Good Love’ in 2012. You can call this album more of the same. While these two things, many and the same music, may sound bad; it is not. The Maine starts to have a real basic quality level that you find in every song.

This is thereby the moment where they have found their own sound. Something that is sadly uncommon in the music industry; as soon as artist are getting known by the bigger crowd, they lose their identity. The next album ‘Forever Halloween’ (2013) is more rock like with better producing techniques than before.

‘American Candy’ (2015) is the first album they released in the time I followed them. And damn, I remembered that I immediately liked the album. That is not something that happens often, mostly I need some time to get used to songs. By mentioning this album, ’24 Floors’ must be mentioned. I deeply have respect for this song. The song is about a person who is doubting to jump from ’24 floor, up in some hotel room’. Every thought the human being has is mentioned till he remembers the words ‘every moment is relevant, bittersweet and delicate’.

Finally, in 2017 they came back to play a show in The Netherlands. My change to see them after all those years of listening. I saw them in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I loved this show, even though lead singer John was talking loads about feeling okay. After the show I met them; John even wrote the earlier mentioned lyrics for me on a paper. This show was part of their ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ (2017) tour. This album has even more focus on making music good in every inch it has; the album has a queue of music. The intermezzo tracks ‘Lovely’, ‘Little’ and ‘Lonely’ split the album in three.

‘You Are Ok’ is their album of this year and is again made of quality. The songs are longer, more built up, a mix between punk, rock and pop and more things to mention. In sum; they really grew up as a musicians. ‘Flowers on the Grave’; the last song on the album is 9 and a half minutes long. Where some people say this is too long, I think it is perfect. The song is a link with the first song on the album with the line ‘I was on the verge of breaking down. Then you came around’. I saw The Maine again live, again in The Melkweg. As I have already written here; they did grew up in a year.

The Maine is a band with a strong own sound, not influenced by the pop industry. The may have less fans than the deserve, but quality over quantity. I hope they will keep on bringing out an album every year.  

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