Music in How I Met Your Mother

That How I Met Your Mother is my favourite sitcom to watch, is not something I keep secret. While watching this show for almost the 10th now, I focused on how they use music in the episodes. Let’s take a look at the most remarkable scenes made by the background music.  *Spoiler alert*

Starting with the the first scene that I found remarkable based on the music; In this scene, main character Ted get hit by a car. This is a life changing moment for him. In the scene, (Nice Dream) by Radiohead is played. While this song is about having a dream, the scene is about having a big reality check. Is this not a paradox?

At the ending of the first season ‘everything has changed in only one night’. This is even made stronger with the song ‘Modern Love’ by Bloc Party. This song is about how modern love is too hard to deal with. That is exactly what this scene is about, love is unreliable.

Another remarkable scene is another reality check by the main character. Ted tells his children about a night alone in the bar, where he tries to make the best of the evening. Sadly, the moment is already gone. He was just daydreaming of what could have happened that evening; but sadly he is just sitting there all by himself. The background music in this scene is written for the sitcom. ‘You’re All Alone’ is an official How I Met Your Mother track, written by John Swihart.

While this scene is already a hint about how the sitcom is going to end; they made a more obvious one in the fourth season. Ted is asking the ex-fiancé of his ex-girlfriend (yeah complicated) why he did not marry her; he answers that love is something you feel when it is true, with no doubt. This train station is the same station where Ted will meet the love of his life years later. Which song is played on the background? The Funeral by Band of Horses.

Ofcourse, when there is one song that is famous due How I Met Your Mother; is ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by  The Proclaimers.  This song is stuck in the cd- player of Marshalls car and is thereby played over and over. The song keeps coming back throughout the seasons; which makes it the jam of the whole sitcom!

The makers of How I Met Your Mother knew how to make their remarkable moments with music. I have mentioned songs which where used as background music. There are some gags made around songs written by teenage popstar ‘Robin Sparkles’, but not worth mentioning in this article.

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