Let’s talk about The Script

In ‘Let’s talk about’ I give my own experience and opinion about a certain musician or band; today it is about Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power; The Script.

The Script; a name that played a big role in the zeros music charts, but does not seem to have big hits anymore. It was the first band I obsessed over for a long time; why?

The way I got in touch with The Script is something romanticized; I heard their song ‘If You Could See Me Now’ (2012) on the radio and was starstruck by it. After that, many YouTube plays of this song followed. This blended further to songs like  ‘Breakeven’ and ‘For The First Time’.

The first time I started listening to The Script was during the #3 period; the third album of the band. The Script had their first success in 2008, with a self-titled album.  This was mainly in Ireland and the UK. Their second album ‘Science and Faith’ (2010) gave the band recognition all over the world. A memorable moment of this period was their homecoming show in The Aviva Dublin;

That show was the peak of their career. I may have started the like the band during the next phase of their career, it is honestly not the best they have created. The first two albums are soft rock, with a real Irish feeling. Warm, cosy; the songs are about love, heartbreak, being drunk and young in the city. In their #3 album, they created a new vibe. Due their popularity, this was way more pop like. You can already see this in the biggest hit of this album ‘Hall of Fame ft Will.I.Am’. During this is period, lead singer Danny was a coach on the UK version of The Voice like Will.I.Am was.  Due to the feature of this big popstar, the band got even more recognition.

On 9 September 2014, I saw The Script for the first time live, which was also my first concert ever. The show was relative small in the Paradiso Amsterdam, and just before the release of their 4th album ‘No Sound Without Silence’. While seeing them live was absolutely awesome for a fangirl like me at that time, the new album was not.  It feels like a fight between being who you are and conducting to what the pop industry expected from the band. The only song I still listen to from this album is ‘No Good in Goodbye’, which still has a rock vibe.

I saw the band again during this fourth phase, in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. I must say that their show was on top at that time. The focus was still on their old songs and the new ones did not put much shade on the quality of the band. The Amsterdam part of their tour was recorded;

Mentioning this show, I must also show you ‘Hall of Fame’. Their biggest hit has one big theatrical and dramatic show around it. At the age of 16, I loved it. Looking back on it; a little more music and less drama would have been better.

In 2017, they released Freedom Child; and I still cringe about that. The only bit of a hit they had with this album was ‘Arms Open’. I did, after doubting, go to their concert in Amsterdam on March 15 2018 in the Ziggo Dome. This was a big theatrical drama show, with no musical quality left. I also did see them on the festival Pinkpop. I am not going to write about that, to save me from the pain.

After this, my passion, obsession and fangirling for The Script has officially died. I still listen to the first two album from time to time; to have a nostalgic feeling. The fact that The Script has changed so badly still upsets me, but that is life.

The Script was once a big name in the zero’s, but unfortunately the 10’ did not do them well. Their Irish soft rock turned into a shitty trying to be like the others. The band played a big role for me, so they will always have a place in my heart as an old ex-lover.

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