Someone who listens uses Youtube frequently for music must have come across a ‘new’ kind of music; 8D-audio. What is this kind of music?

First to say, ‘8D-audio’ is not the only used name for this kind of music. The numbers from 3 to 8 are used to describe that this kind of music has a new ‘dimension’ in the way you hear the music. All the songs online are manipulated versions of earlier released songs. The technology of left and right distinguishing in your earplugs or headphones is used to create a difference in sound between the hearing.  This makes the music feel like it is more live and real than it used to be. The technique is used for many years now in all kinds of music, but this 8D-audio is more extreme.

More extreme in a way that it really flows around your head. You may know this phenomena from video’s like this:

When you close your eyes you notice that with your fantasy you can perfectly follow along what is happening in the barbershop, just like you are sitting in the chair. This may be amazing to experience, it is something we do every day to navigate in your life! It is called ‘auditory scene analysis’ and it comes from a theory about the origin of our music listening behavior. 

8D-audio makes use of this ability we have. As noted before, the music feels more alive. When you play music or go to a concert, the music is also coming from more places; just like all sounds in our environments are. The auditory scene analysis was good for our survival. Knowing where a sound comes from can help indicate danger. So when we guess the origin of sound correct, we are rewarded by our brain. That is why this 8D-audio is more pleasurable to listen to then normal music. With this I must also say that it costs more energy to listen to however, so I would not recommend it as background music while studying.

There are many differences in quality of this kind of music on Youtube. Most of the 8D-audio is based on circulating the music around you; which is in my opinion not pleasing to listen to.

Better versions of this kind of audio are more concentrated around both ears, where the circulation is less hearable.

8D audio is a trend on Youtube where already released songs are manipulated by making use of the left and right differation technology. It does give a new dimension to music; which makes it less useful  for background listening, but more interesting for concentrated listening.

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