The 1975 got infected

With the political ideology disease.

It is there; the second half of the ‘Music of Cars’ area. After a period of deactivation of social media accounts, the first single of ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’; The 1975. But it is not what we expected to be.

No, no longer their ‘Go down. Soft sound. Midnight. Car lights. Playing with the air. Breathing in your hair. Go down. Soft sound. Step into your skin? I’d rather jump in your bones. Taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose’ words by Matty Healy.

No. What we get is a 5 minute speech about climate change by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Spoken word is not new for The 1975, but this amount of political ideology is.

Ofcourse, Matty was not afraid of giving his opinion on political situations during his performances the last year, like we can see in the next video.

Do not get me wrong; if he want to speak about his worldview he is allowed to do that, but not as a musician. Music is about music and songs like this do not have a replay value.  The political message overshades musical quality. The song does not even mention a feature of Greta Thunberg.

Musicians artist who lose theirself into the idea that they are heroes who can change the world is not new. We have seen it before by Imagine Dragons as an example. Sadly, infection often leads to death of the musical quality and thereby an end to the succes of the band.

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