How Much Music Do I Listen? #ListeningBehavior

Streaming apps like Spotify makes it possible for us to listen to music everywhere we go. How much music do we actual listen? Answering this question for myself, I would say that I listen relative much music on average. Let’s find out how much that is!

An easy way to see how much music you listen to, is making use of the website While this website is a bit old fashioned, it still collects the music you listen to on different devices. Speaking for myself, this is mostly Spotify and Youtube. For this I have chosen a week where I still had lectures, to pick a ‘normal’ week.

In this graph you can see that I have listen to 2 days and 5 hours of music. This is one third of the week and almost half the time that I am awake! But when do I listen to music on a day?  To answer this, is a usefull tool.

Out of this graph you can see that music is the way for me to get up in the morning. With a peak at 10 am, showing that my lectures mostly started at 11 am and thereby music listening mostly happens when I commute to the university.

This graphs makes me question whether there’s something as too much music listening. Half of the time you’re awake sounds more like an obsession than passionate hobby…

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