The Availability of Music #ListeningBehavior

Have you ever thought of how lucky we are nowadays? We can listen to music everywhere we are, with our smartphones and headphones in hand. This is only able for the last ten years… How much has the availability of music actually changed?

The way we listen to music has changed revolutionary in the past centuries, and mostly in last decade. Where music first was something you produced by yourself or in a group, became later something that was for professionals and you had to go to a performance. Music was by this something where you had to take a relative big action for; you either had to learn to play or having the money to see someone perform.

At the beginning of last century, the recording industry came to rise which made it able for us to ‘save’ the sounds we made and possible for relistening without that it had to be played by someone. Technology takes cares of the ability to play, but a physical element came instead. For music listening you had to buy vinyl, later cassettes and CD’s. Only the last ten years that it is possible to listen to music without having to buy a separate element for listening. What you need instead is a device. Our smartphone is something we have with us everywhere we go and so are the music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

As Spotify on their website say ‘music is at your fingertips’. And it shows; the Recording Industry Association of America released a report that details how the music industry has grown in last year. 75% of the music industry revenues is by streaming and had grown with 48% within the same year. This shows that the streaming industry is growing bigger and bigger, and not on his peak yet.

Spotify keeps coming up with clever new algoritmes to feed us with new music. Whether it is a ‘weekly discover’ or a ‘summer rewind’ playlist, there is always some new, and yet the same, music waiting for us. Even Youtube is following along with their automatic made ‘mix’ for us.

That is why music is more available than ever. Maybe we should not be that ‘lucky’ as I stated earlier… cause who knows what the effects are of having so many music available.

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