La Dispute just won’t crash

LA Dispute: Panorama (2019)

It is the middle of the night and you’re racing. Faster and faster, on the roads with your car. Adrenaline is pouring through your veins, you thoughts are filled with anxiety. But the climax is not coming: you just keep on racing, more dangerous than ever, every feeling is getting more intense, second after second. But it is okay. You know it will be fine. You know that i twill work out, just keep on putting the gas.

La Dispute is back with a new album: Panorama. It is colourful, not something you will expect from a post- hardcore band. It is meant to be seen: all the songs are in capslock. The music is more smooth, less out of control scream, it is like driving way too hard but knowing what you doing. The spoken word lyrics are personal. He is just telling you how awful it was losing you. But are you really lost? It is more like you have been falling apart. In a good way through.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor la dispute panorama

The music is based on a beat and slow guitar, mixed with aggressive guitar.  Just like you expect when  listening to emo music. There are no clear climaxes. Technology is used for manipulating some guitar sounds, but the same post hardcore sound is there. It is not only that: this band also knows how to genreblend: some jazz, some blues, some rock, some pop: all within this album.

Listening to this album is calming. Danger is all around is, but it is okay. Just wait for him to tell you are story about his anxiety and pain, wait for the situation to happen. LA Dispute knew how to make proper music before, but with this album they show their real qualities. Not only for the people who are willing to this kind of ‘emo’ music, but everyone should give this album a listen. You to calm down in the society we live in.

And that is all I want to say about this album. Everyone should give this album a try.  Especially people who think they don’t like extreme genres like hardcore. This band shows how beautiful it can be.

Believe me, it is worth it.

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