The Maine suited up

You Are Ok (29 March 2019) is a fata morgana in the desert of our society.

It’s like you meeting your best friend from high school after eleven years. You both grew up, your life is nothing like it was when you were still in the classrooms. When you guys start talking you both laugh at who you were in those good ol’days. Wearing eyeliner, complaining about how bad your life was and jamming on guitars. You can’t even imagine that you once were like this!

The more you guys talk however, the more you see that change does not come revolutionary. You try somethings, regret it, and learn from this. You get in touch with the real world, like grown ups do. Gaining more experience in your job and finally find the thing you really love: making music.  But not only you two changed, the world around you guys has also changed. Technology is taking over everything, everything is shaped by manipulating it with the newest high tech stuff. Society is more instable than it was when you were in high school and you are more aware of it.  Your friend has a clear goal in life: raising awareness for mental health. ‘You Are Ok for who you are my friend’, he says like a mantra in your conservation.

And that, is exactly what listening to the latest album by a band called The Maine is like. Their seventh studio album, ‘You Are Ok’ shows that they are the grown up version of their selves. The band who once started as a cliché poppunkband in 2008 with ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ is now back with a poprockindie genre that completely fits the society we live in today. No more eyeliner, spiky hair or checkered blouse in their looks, it’s all about orange suits now. No more lyrics about not getting that hot girl of your class in your bed, it about real heartbreak now in their song ‘Flowers On The Grave’. This song shows, moreover, their quality of instrumental music. In the 9.24 minutes of the song, you feel your heart slowing breaking like the love in the song does.

That The Maine is not following along with cliché proindustry conventions, is also clear in the song ‘Broken Parts’. The music flies like broken pieces around your ears. Hard to find what exactly is the verse, chorus or the bridge, which makes the song interesting and addicting to listen to. And gladly, The Maine punk feeling is not lost: every song has the raw guitar and voice by John O’Callaghan. The leadsinger made a poem as prelude for this new album, explaining the mantra of this album: You Are Ok.

‘You are a million different little things.

You are the sunrise.

You are the fall of the moon.

A little love, a little anxiety.

A skeleton of bones.

A mess of ideas in your head.

You are not what they say you are.

You are so much more.

You are humility, you are grace.

You are a surprise but never once disappointment.

You are glitter, you are gloom.

Introverted, fucked up and fragile

You are a fraction of a half,

but you deserve to feel wanted, young, respected and wild,

uncomplexe and adored and so on.

You are a million different little things, just like me.

But above all of these little things,

You are the greatest thing you will ever know.

You are you

And you are ok.’

And like the visuals show in this this video and in the whole graphics by this album, The Maine is our fata morgana in the desert of our society. There in the loneliness  anxiety of technology and social media, You Are Ok is there for us. Cause ‘You Don’t Plan Life, You Live It


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