Snow Patrol is … back?

On monday I bought a last minute ticket to see Snow Patrol in the Ziggo Dome. They’re back after six years of a break due Gary’s depression, but sadly they are not completely covered. 

The first support act, JC Stuart was a good singer song writer. Just like the Snow Patrol style, but he’s alone in his writing process.  Sadly the sound system in the whole Ziggo Dome was really disturbed during is performance, so I couldn’t hear is music well. But what I do know is, that if there is a contest for the most time mentioning your own name, he would undoubtly win it. img_20190114_192647

During the break I had the time to take a good look at the public, and damn. Mostly 30-50 year old women who had more attention to their phones than to the concert. Clearly they had not been to many concert before. Gladly there were some people with the same age as me, like the enthusiastic boys in front of me. img_20190114_200430

Foy Vance was not a good support act for Snow Patrol. His arrogant, clumpsy way of performing took the attention away from the music. It seemed that some people of the standing crowd new him… but no. This is not the kind of musician I prefer. img_20190114_200634

And finally there was Snow Patrol! First thing to notice: their good graphics. A big screen behind them shows video’s like their music videos (or even the ‘Open Your Eyes’ video!) Also Martha Wainwright was in it, like a ghost, to vocal ‘Set Fire To The Third Bar‘.  During ‘You Could Be Happy‘ and ‘The Lightning Strike’  the stage was surrounded by a square curtain, where starry like lights where spinning around. Very fitting to their music, but it took all the attention away from the stage. img_20190114_210326

Music by Snow Patrol is very strong in a way that it slowly develops. No abrupt changes, the instrumentals slowly reach a climax. Sometimes this climax is solved, but in their best songs, this climax has an open end. For me, that is what makes Snow Patrol such a personal and emotional band. There’s enough space for your own interpretation and memories while listening to the songs.


Sadly enough has the alcohol and depression of Gary Lightbody affected the whole live performance. He’s just standing there, insecure. As a patato he drags himself over the stage. It finds in the music, in a way. But it’s not what makes a performance worth seeing. Sometimes you ask yourself whether he’s still drunk… Making ‘clumpsy’ mistakes like starting on the wrong key, starting the wrong song… don’t remembering where you wrote the song… maybe it is all a act to be ‘funny’? Moreover, the band guitarist knows how to drunk dance. img_20190114_215508

A motionless band with a hyperactive guitarist  depresses the crowd. There was no dancing or a single movement to the songs. It took Gary a while to get the public singing along to the songs, but when they were doing this, it was absolutely beautiful.


And the new songs aren’t that upliving either. There’s certain no renaissance for this band in the near futur. So they have to rest at there old/classic times and recycle this music as long as possible. Everybody gets nostalgic feelings by hearing the first notes of ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Just Say Yes’, thus this will work for a while. img_20190114_224320

Last but not least to mention, Gary was not the only one with an alcohol problem this evening. In my seated section there was this lady who was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to drunk to attend a concert. First she started dancing around like crazy (only one that evening). Than she lost her phone, started searching under all the seats. Ofcourse this annoyed the hell out of the people in my section. Finally she was 100%  sure the lady next to her stole her phone, and that’s where the fight started. After some pulling and yelling ánd a glass of beer trown over our section, the lady was taken away by the security.



  1. Chocolate

  2. Take Back the City

  3. Called Out in the Dark

  4. Crack the Shutters

  5. Empress

  6. Don’t Give In

  7. Set Fire to the Third Bar

  8. Open Your Eyes

  9. Run

  10. You Could Be Happy

  11. Life on Earth

  12. Make This Go On Forever

  13. Shut Your Eyes

  14. Heal Me

  15. The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)

  16. Chasing Cars

  17. You’re All I Have

  18. What If This Is All the Love You Ever Get?

  19. Just Say Yes

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