The first week of 2019 is here. Time to take a look at My2018Wrapped, made by a Spotify algorithm. 


No better way than start a year than with a cliché pseudo classic pianowork, I guess? I can’t remember who Stormzy is, so my first discovery wasn’t even a good one.


77,361 minutes of music is more than thousand hours, which is almost 54 days of listening. Interesting, this means I spent 1/7 of my 2018 on listening to SPOTIFY. Besides I have spent many hours on YouTube discovering music. Time to be worried? Nah not yet. ‘That’s 112% more minutes than last year. Talk about overachieving’ Okay maybe a little bit.


Surprise Surprise Surprise, my favourite artist is The 1975.  133 hours: that’s 1/8 of my total listening time. This was even before the new album came out, so I’m already scared what the statistics for 2019 are going to be.


‘OMG you have Adele in your top 5?!’ Guilty. Say whatever you want, but Adele has somewhere deep under her overrated hits some good songs. Had to raise the constrast level for reading this page, but yes, 4/5 Top songs is by The 1975.  Seperate by PVRIS as my favourite number? I’m sure that’s not true. I already read online that the algorithm is not completely correct.


My Top100 consist mostly out of songs I don’t want hear again. Songs I was so addicted to somewhere in 2018. Instead I’m listening to my 2017 en 2016 playlist and get a nostalgic feeling. That’s probably what I’m going to do with this playlist in a couple of years.


Genres are the most complex and vague labels that are possible. I often get annoyed by the genrelabels made by Spotify, but I think that ‘Modern Rock’ is a good way to describe my musical taste.  Indie/Alternative/ Pop are also good suggestions.


Ha, I don’t know this song. Must have been one of the songs I got during a History of Music course. After listening again I must say is a pretty good one though.


I like to listen to fifteen minutes lecture podcasts by ‘University of The Netherlands’.  Ofcourse I listen to the music related lectures, but also the psychology ones.


Guess who has not given a single listen to this playlist? No don’t break my music bubble. If I want to discover new music and genres, I’ll do it in my way. I must say it’s a good feature to the Wrapped edition for people who are willing to listen to something else.

See you next year MySpotifyWrapped!


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