Katy Perry 27/05/18 Amsterdam

Last Sunday I went to the Ziggo Dome to see Katy Perry perform her Witness Show for the secondnight at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. And oh boy, it was weird to watch this SHOW  between ten year old girls with their moms.

The night was opened by Tove Styrke, a Swedish Singer Songwriter, mostly known for her partitation at Swedish Idol 2009. Her songs were very monotonous, all builded up with a well know pop beat and her high notes singing over it.  ‘This is taking way to long’ as a mom said ten minutes in her performance, indicates  how boring her performance was for the audience.


After an half hour of an eye what was staring at us on the big screen, the music stopped playing. And started again. Stopped. Played. Stopped. Finally the lights went down and Katy come on stage with her dancers.


First thing to notice was that her songs are changed a lot live. Her ‘old’ songs are transformed into nowadays beat pop songs, but the new ones are made more interesting by sudden guitar solos? I don’t quite get the point in this, definitely why she didn’t performed a song completely. And ‘performing a song’ is already saying to much for Katy Perry, because it more felt a CD being played and she sang along like it was her second Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon. Ofcourse there was a band with background singers, but they didn’t get much to do in the show.


No, a concert by Katy Perry isn’t for the music, but for the SHOW. From the video on the screens, the dancers, the endless costume chances of her and everyone around her to the jokes that have to look spontanous, everything is there for the sitback and look show. And that’s exactly where her audience is coming for. These ten year old kids, mostly girls with their moms, haven’t been to a concert before. This is something that is so obviously in their reaction to lights going off and on, the walking away before the encore and their clappin -at the wrong time.


Also kinda weird how Perry forms her show for this audience, childish video’s and costumes, but during this joking about Weed and making very very sexual dance moves.  So sitting there watching with a bucket of popcorn, is what you should do if you ever go to one of her shows, because it’s devided in 6 (!) parts:


Part 1  In the Space

  1.  Witness
  2. Roulette 
  3. Dark Horse
  4. Chained to the Rhythm 

Part 2 Act My Age

  1. Teenage Dream
  2. Hot N Cold
  3. Last Friday Night 
  4. California Gurls
  5. I kissed a Girl

Part 3 Celestial Body

  1. Dèjà Vu
  2. Tsunami
  3.  E.T. 
  4. Bon Appétit 

Part 4 Mind Maze

  1. Wide Awake 
  2. Into Me You See 
  3. Power

Part 5 Video Game

  1. Part of Me
  2. Swish Swish
  3. Roar


  1. Pendulum
  2. Firework 



Concluding I want to say that I miss the days were I was ten year old and Katy Perry was a musician and not an artist. I love her old songs like ‘Not Like The Movies’ , ‘Thinking of You’ and ‘You’re so Gay’. Her songs have changed and so has her image. That’s okay and logical to the modern music industry, but also kinda sad. I hope this new generation of kids (and their moms!) will enjoy all the shows she perform, and when they grow older will learn how to also – and only-  appreciate a concert for the music.


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