The Script 15/03/18 Amsterdam

Last Thursday I went to the Ziggo Dome to see my favourite band The Script. Supported by Ella Eyre, created the band an amazing show for their Freedom Child Tour.

The night was opened by Ella Eyre. Mostly famous for her hit ‘Waiting All Night’, Ella Eyre is a popsinger from London. Because her performance was really choreochraped, I didn’t really appreciated it. Her songs were also quite easy made pop hits, so you can say I am not a fan of her.

During the break the screens of the Ziggo Dome showed a live video of The Script covering ‘Crazy World’ with Christy Dignam, live in their hometown, Dublin. You can see this video now also on YouTube:

When the show really started, the screens showed video’s of The Script fans who told their meaning of Freedom.  After this, Danny, Mark and Glen showed up on the B-stage in the middle of the crowd, starting of with ‘Superheroes’. IMG_20180315_205519

During their 3rd song, ‘Paint The Town Green’, they walked to the mainstage supported by marching band from Amsterdam (!). This gave the song a extra strong touch, something I really appreciated!


They played eight songs on the mainstage. Noteable is that I am not a big fan of their latest album. During this album they changed their sound to a more edm/pop genre. Live were those songs more like with the old The Script feeling.

Then they moved to a stage in the seated area of the venue, while the crowd was still singing Oh these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don’t give up on us baby’ . On this little stage they played ‘Never Seen Anything Quite Like You’ and their cover of ‘Crazy World’.  Lead singer Danny moved back to the mainstage while going through the seated crowd (with five security guys), which gave a very personal feeling.  Back on the mainstage they played two more songs.

In the encore of the evening, they played their, in my opinion, best songs. Finishing with their most powerful hit, Hall of Fame, The Script set down a strong performance.


Concluding, even though The Script latest album was not their best quality, they still know how to put down a good and personal live show. I’m glad I decided to buy a last minute ticket to see one of their live shows in Amsterdam.

See you on Pinkpop The Script!

Full Setlist:

  1. Superheroes
  2. Rock the World
  3. Paint the Town Green
  4. It’s Not Right for You
  5. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  6. Wonders
  7. Arms Open
  8. Nothing
  9. No Man is an Island
  10. If You Could See Me Now
  11. For The First Time
  12. Crazy World
  13. Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You’
  14. The Energy Never Dies
  15. Rain
  16. No Good in Goodbye
  17.  Breakeven
  18. Hall of Fame




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