Monthly Discover: February


Already the second month of 2018, is it quit silent in my concert life, but my discoverings are exploding!


First of all, I got in touch with the Dutch alternative rock girl Anouk. She is mostly famous in the Netherlands for her ‘rude’ commentary on The Voice of Holland. I started listening to her song ‘Lost’ and after that I enjoyed listening to ‘For Bitter Or Worse’, ‘Michel’ and ‘I don’t Wanna Hurt’. She has a strong way of making songs who are honest and perfectly shaped.


Unfortunaly, this band is not making music anymore, but I redisvored their beautiful songs this month. While listening to ‘Pain’ by The War on Drugs,  it made me remind of ‘Bedshaped’ of this band.  After that I listened to their complete discography and made me sad that they aren’t releasing new music. Combining with my Snow Patrol bingelistening, my days were made.


This band has made it as one of the most famous poprock bands of the last two decennia. The songs of this band are easy made pop minded with a flavour of rock, which is something I don’t really like. On the other hand, their older songs, from their albums between 1997-2002 are something I appreciate. While writing an essay on ‘The Scientist’ I came up to ‘Gravity’. This is a slow and calm love song. ‘Trouble’ and ‘O’ have the same feeling, the only Coldplay feeling I listen to for my own pleasure.

3D- Audio versions

Like all the best things in live, I can’t really remember how I found this, but I’m glad I did. 3D- audio are video’s made on Youtube were people split the audio between left and right ear (so you have to listen to it with headphones).  And believe me, this brings songs more to live than ever.  After all, my favourite version is ‘Colors’ by Halsey. Besides that one to much good versions to mention, so I made a YouTube playlist of them:

Layered versions

While scrolling throug the 3D Audio, I also saw  layered versions of songs. This way of editing is mostly less succesfull than the 3D audio, but I found a few quality versions. 

And besides this all, I found a version where ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers and ‘Sex’  by The 1975 are combined. This gives a very special touch, because one songs is about being cheat on and the other is about cheating


Wanna hear more songs where I listened to in February? Click here: 

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