Monthly Discover: December

So the last month of December, exams,  christmas and new year eve. Where did I listen to in this month of dark weather and cold?

Sleeping at Last 

First of all, I discovered a new band called Sleeping at Last. I came accross their song Saturn on Youtube, where I first thought it was completely instrumental. When the singing came, I was even more surprised by the beauty of the sounds. Sleeping at last produces soft sound calm music about heartache and pain.

DH00278- The 1975

The 1975 brought out their first live album. I was listening to their O2 London Live Show for months now on YouTube, but a year after the show we’re able to listen to it on Spotify.  The recordings include a lot of background noises, which is weird to hear without seeing a video. Besides that, the speeches of the band are included. On the other hand, this is something what makes these recordings so pure and real.

In mijn bloed – Roxeanne Hazes

Roxeanne Hazes is a dutch artist, mostly known as daughter of the Amsterdam folk singer Andre Hazes. For this album, she decided that she wants rid off the imago. After 3 years of producing, she released ‘In mijn bloed’ last September as debut album. All songs are sung in Dutch and the music is a mix of different genres.  People say that she is recreating the imago of Amy Winehouse, but that’s not something I totally agree with. My favourite songs of the album are Verdovend middel, Schiet Maar Raak and Judaskus.

Crawling- Linkin Park 

After the dead of front man Chester Bennington in July, the band slowly releases video material of him. First the released a video for One More Light  with fragments of Chesters career. This song was written about a sick crew member, but will always be remembered and associated with the dead of Chester.

This live video of Crawling has a strong impact on me, because it is a recording in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, one of the final shows of Chester. The frontman is standing on the side of the crowd and the faces of the people in it says how important Chester is for them. If they only knew what was going on with Chester….

Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons 

The third single of Imagine Dragons third album is Whatever It Takes. I haven’t really listened to the album Evolve expect the singles, Believer and Thunder. I have been to Imagine Dragons in the Ziggo Dome in 2015 and I’m going to see them again there in February. For me, their music is something you only feel from time to time, i don’t bingelisten the band. That don’t take away that the band makes good music in my opinion. The latestt album is a bit different, but still so Imagine Dragons.


Want to hear more songs I discovered this month? Click here for my spotify list of December: 

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