My 2017 wrapped.

As previous year, Spotify launched a site where you can see your music stats. This gave me the idea to sum up everything musically happened to me in this year.  What has 2017 brought me?


According to my I listened to 36,199 minutes of music on Spotify.  That is 25 days of non stop listening to Spotify. If I could count my minutes on YouTube, my Ipod and the Radio, I guess I would reach 2 months of non stop listening.

In those minutes I listened to 2,391 songs by 959 artists. This is something I’m glad to read, I don’t like the periods where I binge listen tot one song or one artist.

In this year I discovered 24 genres, Good Job to myself, I’m no longer that girl that only listens to Rock and Punk.

spotify-2017-wrapped (1)

As you can see, Katy Perry is also in my top artist list. I must admit, even though I’m no longer 12 years old, I still listen to her (old) music as a guilty pleasure.


Last year I have been to eleven concerts. Top 3 concerts of this year where I’m most proud of is:

Radiohead          Best Kept Secret              18/06

The 1975             AFAS Amsterdam             19/06

The Maine          Melkweg Amsterdam     20/09

The 1975
The Maine






Besides these concerts I’m also glad I talk more with artist afterwards. I have talked to Anthonie Tonnon, The Maine and a few more.


After my graduation from Highschool in June, I started my Musicology study at the University of Amsterdam. This was a hard choice for me, because I always thought I would be a doctor or an engineer.  I’m glad that I started besides my fears, because this is the most wonderful but also the hardest thing I have ever done.

The Musicology study in Amsterdam looks at music in a much broader way than only creating sound.  The three main perspectives of looking at music are the historical, cultural and cognitive side of music.


Last but not least, I started It started as platform to share my concerts(photos). After I a while I figured out that this is also a good place to share more of my journey through music. I’m planning on more writing in 2018.


I’m wondering what 2018 holds for me. I’m going to see Imagine Dragons, The Script and some others bands live. I haven’t got a festival planned, but I’m hoping to. In April I’m going to visit Prague and their music halls with my study.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018,


Mari Celisa




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