#TB Bring Me The Horizon 21/11/15 013 Tilburg

Two years ago I went to 013 in Tilburg to see the metalband Bring Me The Horizon for their That’s The Spirit tour. Their performance was supported by two other bands. BEARTOOTH kicked off, followed by punkrockband PVRIS

Beartooth is international seen one of the best metalcore talents who make a perfect mix with punk. I didn’t really feel their performance this evening, but in the past few years I have listened to a couple of songs of them.


PVRIS is a punkrock trio with a strong female leadsinger, Lynn Gunn. During the concert I didn’t know how I felt about their music, it was rare for me. In the last two years I have become a real fan of the band, expectly for their new album.  I hope to see them live for their ‘All we know of  heaven, all we need of  hell’ tour this year!


The performance of Bring Me The Horizon was strong. Despite the sore troath of leadsinger Oliver, the band managed to interact with the audience. People say that Oli has ruined his voice during recording and touring of their Sempiternal album and that that’s why the That’s The Spirit album is less screamo.



  1. Doomed
  2. Happy Song
  3. Throne
  4. Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
  5. The House of Wolves
  6. Chelsea Smile
  7. Shadow Moses
  8. Sleepwalking
  9. True Friends
  10. Can You Feel My Heart
  11. Antivist
  12. Blessed With a Curse
  13. Drown


Around Christmas Bring Me The Horizon will release an album with all their hitsongs of their past six albums !

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