#TB Ed Sheeran 03/11/14 Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

Three years ago I went to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam to see the British artist Ed Sheeran. This show was a part of the x-tour, promoting his second album.

At that time, Ed Sheeran wasn’t as popular as he is nowadays. His fame was just about to rise. However, the Ziggo Dome was completely sold out.

This evening Ed Sheeran was supported by Jamie Lawson, and Saint Raymond. Both musician are singer-songwriters from the UK. Saint Raymond had a band supporting him.

As only person on stage and with a loop pedal, Ed managed it to create a wonderfull show. As you can see in the pictures,  the light show was also a big part of creating a ambiance. He even blew up the boxes during Bloodstream!


  1. I’m a Mess
  2. Lego House
  3. Don’t / Loyal / No Diggity
  4. Drunk
  5. Take It Back
  6. One
  7. Bloodstream
    (Speakers blew up near the end… )
  8. Bloodstream
    (Second take)
  9. Tenerife Sea
  10. Runaway / Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
  11. All of the Stars
  12. Thinking Out Loud
  13. I See Fire
  14. The A Team
  15. Give Me Love
  16. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
  17. Sing



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