The Veils 02/10/17 Paradiso Amsterdam

On the first Monday of October I went to Paradiso Amsterdam to see The Veils again.  This time the band is supported by Fazerdaze, a woman who is also from New Zealand.

Fazerdaze is a project of Amelia Murray. She recorded the ‘Fazerdaze’ EP (2015) and her ‘Morningside’ album (2017) all by herself at her home.  As a  result, the songs she played this evening sounded all the same. The dreampop vibe she creates with her songs are easily made, so I didn’t really appreciate her performance. Live she is joined by Gareth Thomas (bass) and Andrea Holmes (drums). This made me feel like I was watching a school band playing their first songs they ever made…





The Veils played a intense live show mostly created by the powerful performance of the lead singer; Finn Adrews. Playing in Paradiso, which is an old church,  supported the melancholic style of the band.




By playing mostly songs of the latest album ‘Total Depravity’  The Veils didn’t amuse the audience.  Some people were constantly asking if the band could perform Lavinia, but sadly they didn’t.





  1. Sinner Man

  2. Here Come the Dead

  3. Axolotl

  4. Do Your Bones Glow at Night?

  5. Low Lays the Devil

  6. Swimming with the Crocodiles

  7. Nux Vomica

  8. House of Spirits

  9. The Pearl

  10. A Birthday Present

  11. Iodine and Iron

  12. A Bit on the Side

  13. Total Depravity

  14. Not Yet

  15. King of Chrome

  16. Begin Again (Finn solo piano)

  17. The Valleys of New Orleans (Finn solo piano)

  18. Unknown (new song Finn solo piano)

  19. Guiding Light

  20. Jesus for the Jugular




As you can see Finn played also a few acoustic songs on  the piano by himself.  He also played a new solo song of him without telling us the name of it. Finn Adrews is coming back to the Netherlands in December to do a tour by himself with acoustic The Veils songs and (new) solo songs.




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