The Maine 20/09/17 Melkweg

On the 20th of September I went to the Melkweg in Amsterdam to see one of my favorite bands; The Maine. For the European part of their Lovely, Little, Lonely tour, they are supported by the also American bands The Technicolors and The Night Riots.

Both of the support acts of this evening surprised me in a good way. The Technicolors are also a band of the 8123 brand and played good songs that I loved to hear for the first time.
The Night Riots knew how to put down a GOOD LIVE SHOW. As second supporting act of the evening, they were a excellent warm up for The Maine.  Having a drumbattle with lumious drumsticks to dancing on boxes and drumsets, it’s all a part of them as supporting act. The songs they played while doing these amazing performance were also sounds I really appreciated.

The Maine started off quite heavy with their second single of the album; Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu. Overall the songs were played it a more heavy way than the album sounds like, this was created by more dominant guitar- and drumsound.

It striked me that the band played mostly happy/dancing songs, what disappointed me. The main reason that I am a big fan of The Maine as a band is because of the special feeling I get while listening to their sad songs.

On the other hand, John asked between almost every song “How are you feeling?” ”Are you okay?’   ‘Its fine not to be okay sometimes’  “Don’t be cool, be yourself’

Setlist of The Maine:

  1. Lovely
  2. Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu
  3. Am I Pretty?
  4. (Un)Lost
  5. Like We Did (Windows Down)
  6. Ice Cave
  7. Miles Away
  8. How Do You Feel?
  9. Taxi
  10. Right Girl
  11. English Girls
  12. Girls Do What They Want
  13. Take Me Dancing
  14. Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)
  15. Diet Soda Society
  16. Bad Behavior
  17. Another Night on Mars

After the show I talked to Travis Hawley; the leadsinger of The Night Riots. I told him that he looked so goddamn fabulous on stage and more musicians should be like him.

Waiting for a while outside, all the members of The Maine came outside. First I talked to John O’Callaghan (leadsinger) about Amsterdam and whether he liked it. He also wrote my favourite lycris line of them; a line from 24 floors.  Later on I talked to the whole band and learned them Dutch (swear) words and wished them a lot of fun the next day that they would spend in Amsterdam visiting musea.



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