Breda Barst 16/09/17

Last Saturday I went to a local festival; Breda Barst. This event lasts two days and is in the park of Breda. Most of the artists who perform are Dutch or Belgian.

The artist I have seen are:

  • Awash
  • The Sore Losers
  • DOOL
  • CUT_
  • The Great East
  • The Compact Disk Dummies

The performance that surprised me the most was by the Belgian band The Sore Losers. Their genre is a mix of Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood.
Besides that, the Dutch duo CUT_ is a performance I really appreciated. These young artist are known for their translated Stromae cover of “Papaoutai”. Their music is electronic and a bit dark.
DOOL is a dark garage rockband from Rotterdam. Rock ‘n Soul is what The Great East sounds like.
The brothers of The Compact Disk Dummies performed a very extrovert set. Their music a mix of electronic and punk what gives a dancing touch to punk.



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