#TB The Script 09/09/14 Paradiso Amsterdam

It has been 3 years since my first ‘real’ concert. And ofcourse this was a concert of my all time favourite band; The Script. Besides that, it has been a very special evening.

After announcing their new album ‘No Sound without Silence’, The Script announced a small show in the oldest popvenue of Amsterdam; Paradiso. This show was on the 9th of September, four days before the new album was released in the Netherlands.

I tried to get tickets at the normal sale, but didn’t succeed. After failing attemps to buy from other people, I participated an competition on the Dutch radio station 3FM. The radio wanted you to write your ideal night with The Script, and guess what? I won two tickets on the guestlist!

The Script was this night supported by the also Irish band Walking on Cars (they didn’t got any albums out at that moment,  but now they got very appreciated first album!)

The Script played 5 songs of the unreleased album;


  1. Paint the Town Green
  2. Before the Worst
  3. Superheroes
  4. The Energy Never Dies
  5. Breakeven
  6. Man on a Wire
  7. Science & Faith
  8. Six Degrees of Separation
  9. Good Ol’ Days
  10. No Good in Goodbye
  11. Nothing
    (phonecall with an ex of a fan)
  12. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  13. If You Could See Me Now
  14. For the First Time
  15. You Won’t Feel a Thing
  16. Hall of Fame

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