My favourite music videos

Music videos promote songs for artists. Mostly videos are used by songs that are singles of an album. In my opinion a video should follow the storyline of the lycris. Besides should the movements of the scene fit by the rythm of the music. What are my favourite musicvideos at the moment?

#1 The 1975 – Somebody Else


First of all, I want to talk about the video for the last single of ” I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’.  The video continues in the theme of video by ‘Change of Heart’, where Matty takes down his clown custome. The main part of video follows a depressed Matty during a late night walk through the city.  Frontman Healy is looking for a way to forget his loneliness. Turns out the only one he finds in his search is himself. (With the legendary scene where Matty Healy fucks himself literally)

#2 Panic! at the Disco – This is Gospel

The famous hook ‘if you love me let me go’ has a good represent in the video of This is Gospel.  While the paramedic to everything they can to ‘save’ Brendon, he believes that the only thing that they can do to save him is letting him go. ‘Don’t bury me alive’ is taking literally in a scene, something I really appreciate. In the final fragment you see Brendon running away from ropes that try to catch him, but he tries to let go instead of holding on longer.  These ropes signify a part of him, because the ropes are taken from his stomach by the paramedics.         

#3 The Maine – Love and Drugs

Love and Drugs is a typical teenage years song; doing things that your mom told you not to do. These activities give you such a adrenaline rush that it feels like using drugs or falling in love.  In the video John sneeks into a house with his friends. When the leadsinger is about to make out with his crush, they discover a little kid in the corner of the bedroom.  At the same time the parents of the boy walk into the house and think that they’re being robbed. The father starts going upstairs therefore John decides to jump of the balcony and dive into the pool.  The mom of the kid recognizes John and nods no to him. This leads to an unanswered question: What is the relationship between John and the owners of the house?

#4 Casey – Darling

The last video is an easy, but dramatic video. Casey is quite unknown band from the UK. A man drives in his car in a forest, till he sees fire in front of him. This leads to different panic attacks and attemps to escape from his car.  Finally the fire gets into the car, where he accepts the fact that he will be burned. The car goes completely up in fire, so the man has died. This could be a metaphor for the broken love that is burning him to death. This video is a bit like the video for Karma Police by Radiohead, which is also someone in a car getting away from fire.

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