The 1975 19/06/17 AFAS Amsterdam

Last monday The 1975 played their first show of their rescheduled Europe tour in Amsterdam. They played at AFAS LIVE, the same venue the band played 14 months earlier.

Their Support Act was PALE WAVES who are also from the UK. Their music was really The 1975 like. The 1975 produced songs for PALE WAVES, so the same sound was expected.

Besides the music and the politican speeches of Matty, the lights with the smoke surprised me at most. As you can see, these elements give a very beautiful addition to the live performance of the band.


  1.  The 1975
  2. Love Me
  3. UGH!
  4. Heart Out
  5. A Change of Heart
  6. Medicine
  7. You
  8. I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It
  9. Menswear
  10. Loving Someone
  11. She’s American
  12. Please Be Naked
  13. Somebody Else
  14. Me
  15. fallingforyou
  16. Paris
  17. Girls
  18. Sex
  19. If I Believe You
  20. Chocolate
  21. The Sound

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