Last friday night I went to their fourth concert of their Dutch tour, The Veils in Doornroosje.

Their support act was Anthonie Tonnon, a musician from New Zealand. His music (and performance!) was a bit experimental.

The Veils mostly performed songs from their newest album Total Depravity and a couple old songs, like a acoustic version of Lavinia.


 Sinner man

  1. Here Come the Dead
  2. Axolotl
  3. Do Your Bones Glow at Night?
  4. Low Lays the Devil
  5. Swimming with the Crocodiles
  6. Nux Vomica
  7. House of Spirits
  8. The Pearl 
  9. A Bit on the Side
  10. Birds
  11. Total Depravity
  12. Iodine and Iron
  13. Not Yet
  14. King of Chrome

  15. Sun Gangs (Finn Solo)
  16. The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (Finn Solo)
  17. Lavinia (Finn Solo)
  18. Advice for Young Mothers to Be
  19. Calliope!
  20. Jesus for the Jugular


PS.  They posted one of my pics on their Instagram!

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