Another trowback to 2015, on the 19th of March I went to my second The Script concert.

This show was part of the No Sound With Silence Tour, after the release of their 4th studio album. The support acts were Colton Avery and Tinie Tempah & DJ Charlesy ( This should have been Labrinth, but he cancelled to work on his album).

It suprised me how small the Lotto Arena in Antwerp is, what also gave me the opportunity to stand front row!

For the video’s I took at the concert, check out this Youtube link: 

  • Set list
  1. Paint the Town Green

  2. Hail Rain or Sunshine

  3. Breakeven

  4. Before the Worst

  5. Superheroes

  6. If You Could See Me Now

  7. Man on a Wire

  8. Nothing

  9. Good Ol’ Days

  10. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

  11. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

  12. You Won’t Feel a Thing

  13. Six Degrees of Separation

  14. It’s Not Right for You


  15. The Energy Never Dies

  16. For the First Time

  17. No Good in Goodbye

  18. Hall of Fame

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